Graveworm - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Graveworm is an Italian gothic metal band from Brunico formed in 1992. Members include; Stefan Fiori, Stefan Unterpertinger, Martin Innerbichler, Florian Reiner, Eric Righi, Sabine Mair, Thomas Orgler, Lukas Flarer, Didi Schraffel, Eric Treffel, Harry Klenk. Discography includes; 1997: When Daylight's Gone, 1999: As the Angels Reach the Beauty, 2001: Scourge of Malice, 2003: Engraved in Black, 2005: (N)utopia, 2007: Collateral Defect, 2009: Diabolical Figures, 2011: Fragments of Death, 2015: Ascending Hate. Tours include; Asia Tour 2013, Collateral Defect, Fragments Of Death Tour 2012 , Infernal Gods Of War Tour 1999, The black curse over Europe, Wacken Road Show 2014 Vol. 1., X-Mas Festival 2003.