Hail The Sun - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Hail the Sun is an American post-hardcore band based in Chico, California Formed in 2009. Members include; Donovan Melero, Shane Gann, Aric Garcia, John Stirrat. Discography Includes; POW! Right In the Kisser! (2010), Wake (Blue Swan Records, 2014), Culture Scars.... Show More (Equal Vision, 2016). Tours include; Blue Swan Records Tour, Connectour, Fall 2016 North American Tour, Jonny Craig US Headline Tour, Jonny Craig US Headline Tour 2013, Jonny Craig US Headlining Tour, Night of the Blue Swan, Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour, Rockin Roots 2013, Spring 2017, The Instant Gratification Tour, Vans Warped Tour 2016, YODO Tour, Younger Dreams Tour. Show Less