Hank III - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Shelton Hank Williams (born December 12, 1972), known as Hank Williams III and Hank 3, is an American musician, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Williams' style alternates between outlaw country, punk rock and metal. Associated acts include; Assjack, The Damn Band, Melvins, Arson Anthem, Superjoint Ritual. Discography includes; Risin' Outlaw (1999), Lovesick, Broke and Driftin' (2002), Straight to Hell (2006), Damn Right, Rebel Proud (2008), Rebel Within (2010), Ghost to a Ghost/Gutter Town (Hank3 Records, 2011), 3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin' (Hank3 Records, 2011), Attention Deficit Domination (Hank3 Records, 2011), Brothers of the 4×4 (Hank3 Records, 2013), A Fiendish Threat (Hank3 Records, 2013). Tours include; Damn Right, Rebel Proud Tour, West Coast Tour.