Hate Eternal - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Hate Eternal is a death metal band from St. Petersburg, Florida formed in 1997. Members have included Erik Rutan, JJ Hrubovcak, Tim Yeung, Jared Anderson, Doug Cerrito, Derek Roddy, Randy Piro, Eric Hersemann, Jade Simonetto, Shaune Kelley and Chason Westmoreland. Discography includes: Conquering the Throne (1999), King of All Kings (2002), I, Monarch (2005), Fury & Flames (2008), Phoenix Amongst The Ashes (2011) and Infernus (2015). Tours include: Blood for the Master, Conquering the Throne, Death Metal Massacre 2000, Decimation of the Nation 2, Fury and Flames, Fury and Flames European Tour, I, Monarch, Industrialist World Tour, King of All Kings, Metal Alliance Tour 2015, No Mercy Festivals 2000, South + Central American Tour 2012, The Infernus Tour 2015, The Infernus Tour 2016, The World Industrialist Tour and X-Mas Festivals 2002.