Joe Cocker - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Joe Cocker, OBE (20 May 1944 – 22 December 2014), born as John Robert Cocker, was an English singer and musician. Associated acts include; The Grease Band. Discography includes; With a Little Help from My Friends (1969), Joe Cocker! (1969), Joe Cocker (1972/EU: 1973), I Can Stand a Little Rain (1974), Jamaica Say You Will (1975), Stingray (1976), Luxury You Can Afford (1978), Sheffield Steel (1982), Civilized Man (1984), Cocker (1986), Unchain My Heart (1987), One Night of Sin (1989), Night Calls (1991/US: 1992), Have a Little Faith (1994), Organic (1996), Across from Midnight (1997), No Ordinary World (1999/US: 2000), Respect Yourself (2002), Heart & Soul (2004/US: 2005), Hymn for My Soul (2007/US: 2008), Hard Knocks (2010/US: 2012), Fire It Up (2012). Tours include; '94, "Civilized Man"-Tour '84, "One Night of Sin"-Tour '89/90, A.R.M.S., Across from Midnight, ARMS Concert, Benson and Hedges Blues 90, Bospop Festival 2005, Fire It Up Again Tour, Fire It Up Tour , Hard Knocks, Have a Little Faith, Have A Little Faith Tour, Heart and Soul Tour 2005, Hymn For My Soul Tour, Mojo Tour 2010, Night Calls, Night Calls - World Tour, No Ordinary World Tour, Organic Tour, Respect Yourself, Rock in Bad Segeberg, Rock Over Germany, Sail Away '97, Stingray, Telluride Mid-Summer Music Festival, Unchain my heart Tour '88, Woodstock Revival on Tour.