Kamelot - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Kamelot is an American power metal band from Tampa, Florida, formed by Thomas Youngblood and Richard Warner in 1991. Members include; Thomas Youngblood, Casey Grillo, Oliver Palotai, Sean Tibbetts, Tommy Karevik, Mark Vanderbilt, Richard Warner, Glenn Barry, David Pavlicko, Roy Khan. Dsicography includes; Eternity (1995), Dominion (1997), Siége Perilous (1998), The Fourth Legacy (1999), The Expedition (2000), Karma (2001), Epica (2003) , The Black Halo (2005), One Cold Winter's Night (2006), Ghost Opera (2007), Poetry for the Poisoned (2010), Silverthorn (2012), Haven (2015). Tours include; Epica Tour, Ghost Opera European Tour, Ghost Opera European Tour Part II, Ghost Opera Tour, Ghost Opera US Tour 2008, Haven Revolution Tour 2016, Haven World Tour 2015, Haven World Tour 2016, Karma European Tour 2002, Karma Tour, New Allegiance Tour 2000, North American Tour 2006, North American Tour 2015, Pandemonium Over Europe 2010, Pandemonium Over Europe 2011, Pandemonium Over North America 2011, Pandemonium Over South America 2011, Rule The World Tour 2009, Siége Perilous, Silverthorn Over Europe 2013, Silverthorn Over South America 2014, Silverthorn Tour, Summer Pandemonium Festivals 2010, The Black Halo Tour.