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Lacuna Coil is an Italian metal band from Milan formed in 1994. Members have included Andrea Ferro, Marco Coti Zelati, Cristina Scabbia, Ryan Blake Folden, Diego Cavallotti, Michaelangelo Algardi, Raffaele Zagaria, Claudio Leo, Leonardo Forti, Cristiano Migliore, Cristiano Mozzati and Marco Biazzi. Discography includes: In a Reverie (1999), Unleashed Memories (2001), Comalies (2002), Karmacode (2006), Shallow Life (2009), Dark Adrenaline (2012), Broken Crown Halo (2014) and Delirium (2016). Tours include: A Fair Judgement Tour, Acoustic In-Stores Tour, Black Out the Sun, Blackest of the Black 2006, Blood, Tears, Dust Over Europe 2017, Broken Crown Halo Tour, Christmas Show, Christmas Tour 2003-2004, Closer to Our Truth Tour, Comalies, Dark Adrenaline Tour, Dark Legacy Tour, Darkness Rising Tour 2011, Dead & Rising Tour, Dead and Rising Tour, Delirium, End of Time Tour, European Sanatorium 2017, Evening with Lacuna Coil, Gigantour 2007, Gigantour 2012, Gigantour 2012 (Off-Dates), Halflife on Tour, Hard Drive Live 2009, Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Tour, In a Reverie, Into the Darkness, J�germeister Music Tour (Spring 2007), Karmacode, Memories Tour, Metal Odyssey Tour, Music as a Weapon IV, Ovation Guitars Acoustic In-Stores Tour, Ozzfest 2004, Ozzfest 2006, Red Bull Tourbus, Shallow Life, Spellbound Tour, Survive Tour, Taking the Music Back, TH1RT3EN World Tour, The Dark Legacy Tour 2012, The Hottest Chicks in Metal, Unchained Tour and Unleashed Memories.
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