Leaves Eyes - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Leaves' Eyes is a German-Norwegian symphonic metal band from Stavanger, Norway and Ludwigsburg, Germany. They were formed in 2003. Members include; Alexander Krull, Thorsten Bauer, Joris Nijenhuis, Pete Streit, Elina Siirala, Sander van der Meer, Mathias Röderer, Chris Lukhaup, Martin Schmidt, Nicholas Barker, Moritz Neuner, Alla Fedynitch, Seven Antonopoulos, Roland Navratil, J.B. van der Wal, Felix Born, Liv Kristine. Discography includes; Lovelorn, Vinland Saga, Njord, Meredead, Symphonies of the Night, King of Kings. Tours include; 2012, 25 Years In Rock, Asia 2013, Beauty and the Beast Tour, Festival Viruta Rock, Few Against Many European Tour 2012, Ghost Opera Tour, King of Kings Tour, King of Kings Tour 2017, Leaves' Eyes & Atrocity Latin American Tour, Lovelorn Tour, Meredead European Headlining Tour, Pandemonium Over Europe Tour 2010, Symphonies of the Night, The Ninth Hour World Tour, Tour North America 2010, Twist in the Myth Tour, Vinland Saga, What Lies Beneath Europe 2011.