Lionize - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Lionize is an American rock band based in Montgomery County, Maryland. Members include; Chris Brooks, Chase Lapp, Henry Upton, Nathan Bergman, LaMel Randolph, Tim Sult (Clutch). Discography includes; "Danger My Dear" (2005), "Mummies Wrapped in Money" EP (2006), "Space Pope and the Glass Machine" (2008), "Destruction Manual" (2011), "Superczar and the Vulture" (2011), "Jetpack Soundtrack" (2014), "Run John Barleycorn Run" (split single with Clutch for Record Store Day 2014), "Alpha" EP (2015), "The Voyage" EP (2016), "Nuclear Soul" (2017). Tours include; Arrows and Anchors, Earth Rocker, Lords of the Riff Vol.2, Summer UK Tour, The Hand That Thieve Tour, Vans Warped Tour 2014.