Lizzy Borden - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Lizzy Borden is an American heavy metal band formed in Los Angeles in 1983. Members have included Lizzy Borden, Joey Scott, M�rten Andersson, Ira Black, Gene Allen, Tony Matuzak, Steve Hochheiser, Michael Davis, Alex Nelson, Joe Holmes, Brian Perry, David Philips, Corey James Daum, Ronnie Jude, Chris Sanders, Dario Lorina and AC Alexander. Discography includes: Demo '83 (1983), Give 'Em the Axe (1984), Love You to Pieces (1985), Ultra Violence (1986), The Murderess Metal Road Show (1986), Menace to Society (1986), Me Against the World/Den of Thieves (1987), Terror Rising (1987), Visual Lies (1987), Master of Disguise (1989), Best Of Lizzy Borden (1994), Deal with the Devil (2000) and Appointment With Death (2007). Tours include: 2010 European Summer Tour, 30 Years of American Metal, 30th Anniversary Tour, Appointment With Death Encore, Appointment With Death Tour, Appointment With Death World Tour, Appointment With Death World Tour 08/09, Christmas Metal Meeting 1989, Death Takes A Holiday Tour, Keep It True XII, Spring Stampede, Summer of Blood, Summer of Blood 2011 and Visual Lies.