Machetazo - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Machetazo was a grindcore/goregrind band from La Coruña, Spain formed in 1994. Members include; Dopi, Santi, Rober. Discography includes; 46 Cabezas Aplastadas por un Yunque Oxidado (demo, 1995), Realmente Disfruto Comiendo Cadáveres (demo, 1998), Split 7" EP with Corrupted (Frigidity, 2000), Split 7" EP with Rise Above (Sterilized Decay, 2000), Carne de Cementerio (Razorback, 2000), Split 7" EP with Bodies Lay Broken (Al Pacino, 2001), Split MCD with Abscess (Upground/Ironía, 2001), Trono de Huesos (Razorback, 2002), The Maggot Sessions EP (First Blood Family, 2003), Horror Grind EP (Last House On The Right, 2004), the Raw! (demo, 2004), Split 7" EP with General Surgery (Escorbuto, 2004), Split 7" EP with Cianide (Hells Headbangers, 2005), Sinfonías del Terror Ciego (Razorback, 2005), Split 7" EP with Total Fucking Destruction (Relapse, 2006), Ultratumba compilation (Living Dead Society, 2006), Split 7" EP with Ribspreader (The Spew, 2007), Mundo Cripta (Throne, 2008), Split 12" saw-blade EP with Marrow (Dysphoria Records, 2011). Tours include; Maryland Deathfest IX.