Manowar - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Manowar is an American heavy metal band from Auburn, New York. Formed in 1980. Member include; Joey DeMaio, Eric Adams, Donnie Hamzik, Karl Logan, Carl Canedy, Ross "The Boss" Friedman, Scott Columbus, David Shankle, Kenny Earl Edwards. Discography includes; Battle Hymns (1982), Into Glory Ride (1983), Hail to England (1984), Sign of the Hammer (1984), Fighting the World (1987), Kings of Metal (1988), The Triumph of Steel (1992), Louder Than Hell (1996), Warriors of the World (2002), Gods of War (2007), Battle Hymns MMXI (2010), The Lord of Steel (2012), Kings of Metal MMXIV (2014). Tours include; Battle Hymns, Battle Hymns 2011 Tour, christmas metal meeting 89, Death to Infidels, Demons, Dragons and Warriors World Tour 2005, Demons, Dragons and Warriors World Tour 2007, Fighting The World, Gods And Kings World Tour 2016, Gods of War Tour, Hail to Europe Tour, Hell on Stage '98, Hell on Wheels Tour, Japan Tour 1993, Kings of Metal MMXIV World Tour, Kings of Metal World Tour, Lieder wie Orkane 2, Louder Than Hell, Monsters of the Millenium, Sign of the Hammer, Spectacle of Might Tour, Summer 2012 Mini-Tour, Summer Tour 2008, The Lord of Steel World Tour, The Secrets of Steel Tour/Agony and Ecstasy Tour, Triumph of Steel World Tour/Another Glory Ride Tour, Warriors of the World Tour.