Murder City Devils - Officially Licensed Merchandise

The Murder City Devils are a garage rock band formed in 1996. Members include; Spencer Moody, Dann Gallucci, Derek Fudesco, Coady Willis, Gabe Kerbrat, Nick Dewitt, Nate Manny, Leslie Hardy. Discography includes; The Murder City Devils (1997), Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts (1998), In Name and Blood (2000), Thelema (EP) (2001), R.I.P. (Live album of last show at the Showbox in Seattle, October 31, 2001) (2003), Feather Bed Whiskey Blanket (Boxed Set of all 4 albums + Thelema EP) (2009), The White Ghost Has Blood on Its Hands Again (2014). Tours include; Sasquatch! Festival, Yield Tour - North America Leg 1.