Nachtmystium - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Nachtmystium is an American psychedelic black metal band. Members include; Blake Judd, Martin von Falkenstein, Øystein Albrektsson, Jacob Dye, Job "Phenex" Bos, Jean-Michel Graffio, Chris Black, Jeff Wilson, Sanford Parker, Neill Jameson, Andrew Markuszewski, Will Lindsay, Reid Raley. Discography includes; Reign of the Malicious (2002), Demise (2004), Instinct: Decay (2006), Assassins: Black Meddle, Part I (2008), Addicts: Black Meddle, Part II (2010), Silencing Machine (2012), The World We Left Behind (2014). Tours include; Creatures From the Black Abyss, Creatures From The Black Abyss 2011, Hordes Of Chaos, Hordes of Chaos Part II, US Plague 2009, US Plague Tour, Watershed Tour.