Neurosis - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Neurosis is an American avant-garde metal band based in Oakland, California. Members have included Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till, Dave Edwardson, Noah Landis, Jason Roeder, Adam G. Kendall, Pete Inc., Simon McIlroy, Chad Salter, Pete Rypins and Josh Graham. Discography include: Pain of Mind LP (1987), The Word as Law LP/CD (1990), Souls at Zero LP/CD (1992), Enemy of the Sun LP/CD (1993), Through Silver in Blood LP/CD (1996), Times of Grace LP/CD (1999), A Sun That Never Sets LP/CD (2001), Neurosis & Jarboe LP/CD (2003), The Eye of Every Storm LP/CD (2004), Given to the Rising LP/CD (2007), Honor Found in Decay LP/CD (2012) and Fires Within Fires LP/CD (2016). Tours include: 30th Anniversary, Bestia Festival, Bring Da Shit Tour, Enemy of the Sun, Europe Summer 2009, Europe Summer Tour 2016, European Tour 2011, Given to the Rising Tour, Honor Found In Decay, Honor Found In Decay European Tour, North American Tour 2015, Ozzfest 1997, Pain of Mind, Souls at Zero, The Word as Law, Through Silver in Blood, Times of Grace and Winter 2012/2013 US Tour.