Phobia - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Phobia is a grindcore band from Orange County, California. The band was formed in 1990 and is heavily influenced by crust punk and grindcore. Members include; Shane Mclachlan, CECE, Bryan Fajardo, Calum Mackenzie, Leon del Muerte, Shawn Bryan, John Haddad, Matt Mills, Luis Perez, Marco Soriano, Bruce Reeves, Danny Walker, Steve Burda, Raymond Banda. Discography includes; "What Went Wrong", "All That Remains" (Relapse Records, 1992), "Return to Desolation" (Relapse Records, 1993), "Plutocracy / Phobia Split" (Misanthropic Records, 1994), "Enslaved" (Slap-a-Ham Records, 1997), "Means of Existence" (Slap-a-Ham Records, 1998), "Corrupted / Phobia Split" (Rhetoric Records, 1999), "Destroying the Masses" (Pessimiser/Theologian Records, 1999), "Serenity Through Pain" (Deathvomit/Deep Six Records, 2001), "Phobia/Resist & Exist Split" (Ohev/Profane Existence Records, 2002), "Grind Your Fucking Head In" (Deep Six Records, 2003), "Get Up & Kill" (Deep Six Records, 2004), "My Friends - Our Grind!" (Bezerkerwear, 2004), "Relapse Singles Series Compilation Vol.4" (Relapse Records, 2004), "Another Four Years of Murder" (Crimes Against Humanity Records, 2006), "Cruel" (Willowtip/Deepsix Records, 2006), "22 Random Acts of Violence" (Willowtip/Deepix, 2008), Phobia/Gadget - Split CD (Haunted Hotel Records,2010), Phobia/Extinction Of Mankind - "Fearing The Dissolve Of Humanity" (Agipunk, 2010), "Unrelenting" (Relapse, 2010), Remnants of Filth (Willowtip, 2012), "Grind Core" 7" (Deep Six Records 2014), "Decades Of Blastphemy" 4CD Box (Selfmadegod Records/Melotov Records, 2016), "Lifeless God" (Willowtip Records, 2017). Tours include; 98 rock BFD, Chapter IV North American Tour, Dark Before Dawn, Dear Agony, Edgefest, IV, Jägermeister Music Tour (Spring 2003), MMRBQ2, Nocturnal Underground Tour, Phobia, Saturate, The IV Tour, Three Days Grace & Breaking Benjamin, Unplugged Tour 2014, Unplugged Tour 2016, Unplugged Tour 2017, We Are Not Alone, World Domination Tour.