Porcupine Tree - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Porcupine Tree was an English rock band formed by musician Steven Wilson in 1987. Members have included Steven Wilson, Richard Barbieri, Colin Edwin, Chris Maitland and Gavin Harrison. Discography includes: On the Sunday of Life... (1992), Up the Downstair (1993), The Sky Moves Sideways (1995), Signify (1996), Stupid Dream (1999), Lightbulb Sun (2000), In Absentia (2002), Deadwing (2005), Fear of a Blank Planet (2007) and The Incident (2009). Tours include: Acoustic in-store performance, Anoraknophobia Tour, Arriving Somewhere..., Deadwing Tour (First Leg), Deadwing Tour (Second Leg), Fall 1999 Tour, Fall 2006 Japan Tour, Fall 2008 Tour, Full Circle Tour 2002, In Absentia, Lightbulb Sun, Lightbulb Sun Release Shows, May 1996 Tour, Metropolis 2000, November 2003 Tour, Signify, Stupid Dream, Summer 2002 Tour, The Incident, The Sky Moves Sideways (First Leg), The Sky Moves Sideways (Second Leg), Tour of a Blank Planet (First Leg), Tour of a Blank Planet (Second Leg), Tour of a Blank Planet (Summer 2007 Festivals) and UDO Music Festival 2006.