Possessed - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Possessed is an American death metal band, originally formed in 1983. Members have included Jeff Becerra, Emilio M�rquez, Daniel Gonzalez, Robert Cardenas, Claudeous Creamer, Mike Pardi, Barry Fisk, Brian Montana, Mike Sus, Mike Torrao, Larry LaLonde, Duane Connley, Dave Alex Couch, Colin Carmichael, Chris Stolle, Bob Yost, Mark Strausburg, Walter Ryan, Mike Hollman, Paul PerryErnesto Bueno, Rick Cortez, Bay Cortez, Vanik Vartanian, Tony Campos and Kelly Mclauchlin. Discography include: Seven Churches (1985), Beyond the Gates (1986) and TBA (2018). Tours include: Blackest of the Black 2010. Curse over Europe 2014, European Seance Tour 2013, Evil Over Europe Tour 2016, Fallen Angel Over Europe 2012, Hordes of Hell Tour 2017, South American Seance Tour 2013 and The No Speed Limit Weekend.