Prong - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Prong is an American crossover thrash band formed in 1986 by vocalist and guitarist Tommy Victor, the band's sole constant member. Members include; Tommy Victor, Mike Longworth, Art Cruz, Ted Parsons, Paul Raven, John Bechdel, Charlie Clouser, John Tempesta, Sterling Flournoy, Troy Gregory, Rob "Blasko" Nicholson, Frank Cavanagh, Dan Laudo, Brian Perry, Mike Kirkland, Mike Riggs, Monte Pittman, Aaron Rossi, Mike Longworth, Tony Campos, Alexei Rodriguez, Matt Celmer, Jason Christopher. Discography includes; Force Fed (1989), Beg to Differ (1990), Prove You Wrong (1991), Cleansing (1994), Rude Awakening (1996), Scorpio Rising (2003), Power of the Damager (2007), Carved Into Stone (2012), Ruining Lives (2014), Songs from the Black Hole (2015), X (No Absolutes) (2016), Zero Days (2017). Tours include; 100% Live, 2012 Tour, Battle of the Bays European Tour 2016, Battle of the Bays European Tour 2016 (Off-Date), Beg To Differ, Beg To Differ Tour 2012, Blackest Of The Black Tour, Bumbershoot 2012, Carved Into Stone, Cleansing, Conquering North America 2010, I Luciferi Tour, No Absolutes Tour 2016, Noise Revolution Tour 2012, Prove You Wrong, Ruining Lives, Songs From the Black Hole, Summer Tour 2014, The Cold Fusion Tour, Worst of the Worst, Zero Days 2017.