Red Fang - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Red Fang is an American stoner metal band from Portland, Oregon, formed in 2005. Members have included Bryan Giles, Aaron Beam, David Sullivan and John Sherman. Discography includes: Red Fang (2009), Murder the Mountains (2011), Whales and Leeches (2013) and Only Ghosts (2016). Tours include: 2013 Mini West Coast Tour, 2014 Situation: Awesome! Tour, American Fall Tour, Communion of Sirens, European Summer 2013, European Tour 2012, European Tour 2014, Mayhem Festival 2011, Mayhem Festival 2011 (Off-Date), Metalliance 2011, Murder the Mountains Tour, Only Ghosts, Red Fang/Black Tusk 2012, Spring 2012, Summertime Blast Tour, The Hunter and The Hunter (off-date).