Rooney - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Rooney is the primary musical project of singer-songwriter Robert Schwartzman, evolving from its origin as an American rock band formed by high school friends in Los Angeles, in 1999. Members have included Robert Schwartzman, Boaz Roberts, Sean Sobash, Teddy Briggs, Matthew Winter, Taylor Locke, Ned Brower, Louie Stephens and Brandon Schwartzel. Discography includes: Rooney (2003), Calling the World (2007), Eureka (2010) and Washed Away (2016). Tours include: Calling the World: Locksley and the Bridges, Eureka Tour, Lollapalooza 2003, Not In My House Tour, Not In My House Tour 2011, Shout It Out, Ultrasonic Summer Tour, Welcome Home Tour, When You Look Me in the Eyes and Wild One.