Sentenced - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Sentenced was a Finnish heavy metal band that played melodic death metal in their early years. The band formed in 1989, in the town of Muhos, Finland, and broke up in 2005. Members include; Ville Laihiala, Miika Tenkula, Sami Lopakka, Sami Kukkohovi, Vesa Ranta, Taneli Jarva, Lari Kylmänen. Discography Includes; Shadows of the Past (1991), North from Here (1993), Amok (1995), Down (1996), Frozen (1998), Crimson (2000), The Cold White Light (2002), The Funeral Album (2005). Tours include; Crimson Tour 2000, European Tour 2000, Fuck Price Politics, Fuck Price Politics European Tour 1996, March Metal Meltdown, Out of the Dark - Special, Tattoo the Planet Tour 2001, The Cold White Light, The Funeral Tour.