Sleeping Giant - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Sleeping Giant is an American Christian metal band from Redlands, California and Salt Lake City, Utah. Members include; Tom Green, Geoff Brouillette, Nelson Flores, Matt Weir, Travis Boyd, J.R. Bermuda, Eric Gregson, Cory Johnson, Manny Contreras. Discography Includes; Dread Champions of the Last Days, Sons Of thunder, Kingdom Days In an Evil Age, Finished People. Tours include; California Love Tour, California Metalfest IV, Facedown Fest 2007, Facedown Fest 2008, Keeping Warm In A Cold World Tour, Kingdom Days In An Evil Age Tour, Scream The Prayer, Scream The Prayer 2012, Scream The Prayer IV, Spring Breakdown Tour w/ Bleeding Through, Summer Slam 2008, Summer Slam 2010, The Question 10 Year Anniversary Tour, The Unshakeable Tour, The World Is A Thorn.