Static X - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Static-X was an American industrial metal band from Los Angeles, California formed in 1994. Members include; Wayne Static, Diego Ibarra, Andy Cole, Sean Davidson, Tony Campos, Koichi Fukuda, Ken Jay, Tripp Eisen, Nick Oshiro. Discography includes; Wisconsin Death Trip (1999), Machine (2001), Shadow Zone (2003), Start a War (2005), Cannibal (2007), Cult of Static (2009). Tours include; Cannibal Killers, Cult of Static, Extreme Steel, Family Values Tour 2001, Gigantour 2007, Kill the Industry Tour, Machine, Noise Revolution Tour 2012, Noise Revolution Tour 2012, Operation Annihilation Tour, Ozzfest, Ozzfest 1999, Ozzfest 2000, Ozzfest 2007, Pedal To The Metal Tour, Shadow Zone Tour, Sno-Core Tour 2009, Snocore Tour 2009, Start A War Tour, UFEST, Wisconsin Death Trip.