Stiff Little Fingers - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Stiff Little Fingers are a punk rock band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. They formed in 1977. Members include; Jake Burns, Ali McMordie, Steve Grantley, Ian McCallum, Henry Cluney, Dave Sharp, Gordon Blair, Brian Faloon, Jim Reilly, Dolphin Taylor, Bruce Foxton. Discography Includes; Inflammable Material, 1979, Nobody's Heroes, 1980, Go for It, 1981, Now Then..., 1982, Flags and Emblems, 1991, Get a Life, 1994, Tinderbox, 1997, Hope Street, 1999, Guitar and Drum, 2003, No Going Back, 2014. Tours include; 35th Anniversary Tour, 40th Anniversary Tour, Breakout 2010, End Of The World Tour, Go For It, No Going Back, Punk Rock Bowling 2011, Punk Rock Summer Nationals 2014, Roaring Blaze Tour, Second Anti-Nazi League Carnival, Shamrock N Roll, The £3.50 Or Less Tour, Up A Gear Tour, Up A Gear Tour 2013.