Stryper - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Stryper is an American Christian metal band from Orange County, California. Members include; Michael Sweet, Robert Sweet, Oz Fox, Perry Richardson, Tim Gaines, Eric Johnson, John Voorhees, Matt Hurich, Tracy Ferrie. Discography includes; The Yellow and Black Attack (1984), Soldiers Under Command (1985), To Hell with the Devil (1986), In God We Trust (1988), Against the Law (1990), Reborn (2005), Murder by Pride (2009), The Covering (2011), Second Coming (2013), No More Hell to Pay (2013), Fallen (2015). Tours include; "Yellow & Black is Back" Celebration Tour in Japan, 25th Anniversary Tour, Against The Law Tour, Can't Stop the Rock Tour, Fallen, In God We Trust Tour, Murder By Pride/25th Anniversary Tour, No More Hell to Pay, Reborn Tour, Reunion Tour, Second Coming, Seven Tour, Soldiers Under Command Tour, South American Tour, The Covering Tour, The Yellow and Black Attack Tour, To Hell With the Devil 30th Anniversary Tour, To Hell With the Devil Tour.