Sugarcult - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Sugarcult /ˈʃʊɡərkʌlt/ is an American rock band from Santa Barbara, California formed in 1998. Members include; Tim Pagnotta, Airin Older, Marko DeSantis, Ken Livingston, Ben Davis. Discography includes; Five EP (1998), Eleven (1999), Wrap Me Up in Plastic (2000), Start Static (2001) No. 194 US, Palm Trees and Power Lines (2004) No. 46 US, Lights Out (2006) No. 64. tours include; A Gimme Gimme Christmas, DC101 Chili Cook-Off, Lifebeat 10th Anniversary, Lights Out Repromotion, Q101 Twisted IX, Start Static 10th Anniversary, the subcity Take Action Tour, The Young and the Hopeless Tour, Vans Warped Tour 2001, Vans Warped Tour 2004.