Tantric - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Tantric is an American rock band from Louisville, Kentucky, United States. Members include; Hugo Ferreira, Ty Fury, Mike Smith, Todd Whitener, Jesse Vest, Joey Stamper, Kevin McCreery, Matt Taul, Bruce LaFrance, Kevin Miller, Kevin Figueiredo, Joe Pessia, Erik Leonhardt, Marcus Ratzenboeck, Richie Monica, John Brian, Derek Isaacs, Tommy Gibbons, TJ Taylor, Scott Wilson. Discography includes; Tantric (2001), After We Go (2004), The End Begins (2008), Mind Control (2009), 37 Channels (2013), Blue Room Archives (2014). Tours include; 2010 Tampa Bay Rays Summer Concert Series, 37 Channels, After We Go, Make America Rock Again, Mind Control, Mind Control 2011 Tour, Tantric, The End Begins, WBRU 32nd Birthday Bash, Wing Ding 2006.