Threat Signal - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Threat Signal is a Canadian heavy metal band from the city of Hamilton. Members include; Jon Howard, Travis Montgomery, Pat Kavanagh, Matt Perrin, Christian Olde Wolbers, Norman Killeen, Adam Weber, Kyle McKnight, George Parfitt, Rich Howard, Marco Bressette, Adam Wood, Eric Papky, Alex Rüdinger, Chris Feener, Joey Muha. Discography Includes; Under Reprisal (Nuclear Blast, 2006), Vigilance (Nuclear Blast, 2009), Threat Signal (Nuclear Blast, 2011), Disconnect (Agonia, Nov 2017). Tours include; "Design Your Universe" North American Tour, 15th Anniversary North American Tour, Crown of Phantoms Release Tour, Design Your Universe Tour, Panic Over North America, The Ultra-Violence 25th Anniversary Tour, Threat Over Europe 2010, Tour And Loathing 2007, Under Reprisal 10 Year Anniversary Tour.