Vines - Officially Licensed Merchandise

The Vines are an Australian rock band formed in 1994 in Sydney. Their sound has been described as a musical hybrid of 1960s garage rock and 1990s alternative rock. Members include; Craig Nicholls, Lachlan West, Tim John, David Oliffe, Patrick Matthews, Ryan Griffiths, Brad Heald, Hamish Rosser. Discography includes; Highly Evolved (2002), Winning Days (2004), Vision Valley (2006), Melodia (2008), Future Primitive (2011), Wicked Nature (2014), In Miracle Land (2017). Tours include; $2 Bill Concert Series, Aussie Invasion, Come Back Gig, Future Primitive Tour, Highly Evolved Tour, Melodia, Mini Tour, Vision Valley Tour, Winning Days Tour.