Waterboys - Officially Licensed Merchandise

The Waterboys are a British/Irish folk rock band formed in Edinburgh in 1983. Members include; Mike Scott, Steve Wickham, Ralph Salmins, Brother Paul Brown. Discography includes; The Waterboys (1983), A Pagan Place (1984), This Is the Sea (1985), Fisherman's Blues (1988), Room to Roam (1990), Dream Harder (1993), A Rock in the Weary Land (2000), Universal Hall (2003), Book of Lightning (2007), An Appointment with Mr Yeats (2011), Modern Blues (2015), Out of All This Blue (2017). tours include; 2013 Australasian Tour, A Rock in the Weary Land, An Appointment with Mr Yeats Tour, An Appointment with The Waterboys, Book of Lightning Tour, David Bowie's Meltdown, Fisherman's Blues, Fisherman's Blues Revisited, Karma to Burn, Modern Blues, Room to Roam, This is the Sea Tour, Universal Hall.