Zebrahead - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Zebrahead is an American punk rock band from Orange County, California, United States. Formed in 1996, the band has released twelve studio albums to date. Members include; Ben Osmundson, Ed Udhus, Ali Tabatabaee, Matty Lewis, Dan Palmer, Justin Mauriello, Greg Bergdorf. Discography includes; Zebrahead (1998), Waste of Mind (1998), Playmate of the Year (2000), MFZB (2003), Waste of MFZB (2004), roadcast to the World (2006), Phoenix (2008), Panty Raid (2009), Get Nice! (2011), Call Your Friends (2013), The Early Years – Revisited (2015), Walk the Plank (2015). Tours include; 20th Anniversary Japan Tour, Call Your Friends – Bears Shit in the Woods – 2014, Call Your Friends – Tour 2013, Festival Season is HERE, Festival season is HERE!, Get Happy, I Know What You Did This Summer 2014, MFZB, MFZB Summer Splash Tour,Party In Your Pants, Slam Dunk Ska Punk Tour 2014, Snappin' Necks 'N' Cashin' Cheques, The Get Nice or Die Trying Tour, US Tour 2014, Vans Warped Tour 1998, Vans Warped Tour 1999, Walk The Plank, We Came to Fuck Shit Up Tour 2012